We're passionate about creating balance, building trust and discovering purpose for you, your team and your business.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Working with you individually to realise your potential and design your personal work-life balance.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

A range of Interactive workshops - in-person or online - tailored to your exact requirements and needs.


Team Integration

Private and confidential coaching for each member of the team to provide reassurance during on-boarding.



Our unique approach to designing your ideal work-life balance is based on more than a decade of experience. 

Working - and coaching - in corporate travel has shown time and again that we're all individuals, with personal requirements and needs to be at our best:

for work and life. 

Personal Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to understand your mind and thought processes. Combined with story-telling to find and change your limiting beliefs about life and work. 

Work-Life Balance

Realising that you're in charge of your won work-life balance is an epiphany for most. The next step is discovering what your personal ideal looks like.

Corporate Identity

Seeing and sharing your vision. Implementing a clear mission for the business. Not only driven by yourself, but by the whole team who embrace it and want to make it happen. 

Team Integration

Growing your business means changes to the team dynamics: promotions, new staff, feedback. Embrace communication and create an integrated and loyal team that's future proof. 


Whether you're an SME dipping your toes into creating your corporate identity, or a global corporation looking for ways to filter your vision to the grassroots: we're here to make it happen. 

  • Design the work-life balance that's right for you.

  • Build trusting relationships. 

  • Grow with purpose and clear direction. 


Claudia brings a distinctive perspective to the coaching world. Her positivity, professionalism and holistic attitude is remarkable. Her intelligence, business background, humour and adventurous spirit combine to make her way of working refreshingly different and purposeful. I can highly recommend her.well. So if a topic appears which matches Claudia Unger’s experience I won’t hesitate to contact her again to share knowledge with our members.

Jude Elliman

At our event Claudia presented on The Importance of Mobile in the business travel industry. Claudia’s easy storytelling way of presenting this topic immediately got the attendees’ attention. Her drive and knowledge on both sides of the industry means that she could easily connect the dots between fun-facts and data. Commitment was key as the attendees were not only there to listen but to participate and reflect themselves on this topic as well. So if a topic appears which matches Claudia Unger’s experience I won’t hesitate to contact her again to share knowledge with our members.
Odete Pimenta da Silva


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