You've always known you're in the wrong job.

But  anxiety, OCD, and the endless options you have are making you feel stuck.

You just want to do what works for you and blends with your beliefs.

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I help you remember your true passion so you can stop wasting your best years.

Make time for the things that really matter to you

- without compromising your career or conscience!

Get the ultimate 7-day work-life balance checklist. It’s free!

"A wonderful experience that taught me how to slow down and use my time wisely. I’m grateful for Claudia for sharing her wonderful insights on making each day count."

Lorraine Sileo, SVP 

How Can I Help? 



Read my blogs and watch my videos for quick tips and strategies to grow yourself. 



Enjoy moments of high focus and efficiency at work to create time for the finer things in life.



Flight Attendant. Sales Manager. Director of Research. And now securing your ideal lifesyle.

"Claudia brings a distinctive perspective to the coaching world. Her positivity, professionalism and holistic attitude is remarkable. Her intelligence, business background, humour and adventurous spirit combine to make her way of working refreshingly different and purposeful. I can highly recommend her."

Jude Elliman, Director

On A Personal Note... 

Not everyone is able to take control of their lives; clinical depression, anxiety and stress can build up so much that they paralyze our friends and family. 


That’s why when you purchase my coaching, you're not only investing into your own development. You're also supporting others. I donate a portion of every sale to the charity Mind - for better mental health. 

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