I coach people who want to get better at being themselves. 

The Career. The Money. The Lifestyle.

From the outside it looks like you have it all. 

Or at least that’s what it did look like. Now, all you can see are the long nights after homeschooling, missing travel and meetings - and being torn by choices for an uncertain future.

Hi, I'm Claudia, executive coach, travel expert, keynote speaker and author of Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight. 

As an introvert, I’ve always enjoyed working from home and have done so for the past decade. Living in the countryside also means virtual meetings are often easier to arrange and deliver the same great benefits. 


This lifestyle has often prompted people to say “you’re living the dream”! Many go on to say how it could never work for them, how their situation is very different, and how they just don’t have time to make and motivation to make lasting changes. 

Well, here’s news for you - even during this uncertainty:

✦✦✦ You can live your dream ✦✦✦ 

As a recognized executive coach and travel expert, I’ve been leading presentations on gender equality and had hundreds of conversations with peers who feel disillusioned and stuck. They don’t know what their purpose is. They've forgotten their dream. 

I realized there are 3 key problems that come up again and again - and are an increasing cause for anxiety:

  • Feeling out of control and powerless

  • Lacking confidence and trust in showing their value to the world

  • Being stuck in the daily grind fearing things won’t ever change for the better 


To get past these challenges I’ve created a powerful coaching program that 

  • Gives you back control over your life and choices 

  • Restores your confidence and trust in your values and decisions 

  • Creates a vision for your life beyond today that’ll help you realize your dream 

I believe everyone has a purpose - and passion to fulfil it.  My personal goal is for the world to become more inclusive and sustainable; impacting millions of people positively - as I know we have the power to make it happen.  

Sharing this journey with you and seeing your life - and that of so many others - transform is a wonderful and humbling experience. As your executive coach it’s my privilege to ask you those questions no one else dares to ask, see your dream emerge and assist as you make it reality.   

➤ Want to find out more? Let's chat to see how I can help you! 

"Thank you so very much. Thank you, firstly, for your time chatting last week... Your optimism was contagious and your insights so helpful. Thank you also for your wonderful audio file. I am truly humbled by the extra effort you put in for me, and feel that you got a glimpse into my soul... after such a short chat together.

Truth be told, it brought tears (positive) to my eyes. You are truly exceptional!"

What Do You Need?



Free resources  for you with quick tips and strategies to grow and develop in your own time. 



Become better at being yourself - for more fulfilment and satisfaction at work and in life.



Flight Attendant. Sales Manager. Lecturer. Director of Research. Consultant. Executive Coach... 

"Claudia brings a distinctive perspective to the coaching world. Her positivity, professionalism and holistic attitude is remarkable. Her intelligence, business background, humour and adventurous spirit combine to make her way of working refreshingly different and purposeful.

I can highly recommend her."

On A Personal Note... 

Not everyone is able to take control of their mind or circumstances; clinical depression, anxiety and stress can build up so much that they paralyze our friends and family. 


That’s why when we work together amazing things happen. You're not only investing into your own development, you're also helping me create a global impact for a better world for all. 

"A wonderful experience that taught me how to slow down and use my time wisely.

I’m grateful for Claudia for sharing her wonderful insights on making each day count."

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