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you're different...



The day the music died was a sad day. An angry day.

I didn't have the strength to stand up for myself, let alone believe in myself and my dreams. 

It's the day I sold my soul. 


...you're an artist, known and successful!

But that doesn't mean you don't deserve true love!

I help artists, like you, step out of life's drama so that you can tap into your deepest creativity while also experiencing self-love, purpose and fulfilment.

I don't want that for you!

I want you to enjoy and experience your gifts. I want you to find love that's trusting and fulfilling your needs - in all of your relationships and especially with yourself.

I want you to increase your emotional range.

Disappoint anyone...

Hell...disappoint everyone - but don't ever disappoint yourself!

Treat Williams



Give yourself permission to step away from toxic addictions and drama. 


Replace limiting beliefs and expectations.


Determine your goals for life and

for love.


Strengthen your mind and protect your soul.



You are assured that any and all information shared with me is kept strictly private and confidential.  

Claudia Unger 

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