A simple click will save you … NOTHING!

Why it’s time to stop getting excited about mass-market headlines and the notion of 60-second fixes to your data needs.

Through mobile and wearable technologies, the world has found a new trend to jump on: personalization. Everyone wants everything to be customized to their specific needs at exactly the moment of enquiry. If one has to wait even for buffering time, the product is already perceived as outdated and not fit for today’s demands.

Hence, in corporate travel we’re running wild to get our travelers taken care off with mobile offerings: apps and real-time information about trips, offers from your favorite restaurants, easy access to chauffeur-driven car services, and whatever else we might think the traveler needs. We’re trying to make it personal for them.

So – why not make it personal to you? Why think that a header reading ‘women travelers will save your company millions’ applies to your travel program? Because it’d be so great if it was true! But it isn’t. And it’s time to wake up to the realities of what can be done with data – YOUR data that is.

Let’s face it: there are no blanket solutions, no off-the-shelves products that fit each and every company brilliantly in the same way. So why do these products exist? Because looking at your own data with your own unique needs takes time, needs resources and, thus, costs money.

Sadly, a lot of the companies offering help with data analysis promise the world – only to find out that data standards aren’t the same throughout sources in travel. Naturally, this comes out after signing the contract and so the decision is often taken to invest more and save whatever there is to save and get at least some good insights. Often though, the time, emotions and money invested in this journey doesn’t add up to the realities of the results received.

There’s a company who has a different approach to this: they come in and the first thing they do is look at your data to scope out what you have and, more importantly, what can be done with it. Yes, there’s a fee involved, but there’s no commitment of going further than the initial analysis and at least you know upfront what you can expect from the results. They’re a young start-up called datasyrup and they’re already transforming the health care world with their approach.

So please remember:

  • Companies are ‘people’, too.
    • Offerings should be personalized to meet the company needs – not only the needs of the individuals working at the company.
  • Data doesn’t equal data
    • Your company’s data is unique in many different ways – and so should your analysis be.
  • Have high expectations
    • AFTER you know what can actually be done with the data you’re able to provide.

 And then it’s time to reap the rewards of a unique travel program running on quality data with insights you can trust and forecast!

There is a happy ever after, after all!

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