Your bespoke coaching programme allows you to take an honest look at your life and the things you want.


Checking in to ensure that it’s really you who wants them, not other people in your life.


These sessions are all about you – and Claudia will be with you throughout this journey whenever you need her.




Do you want to live your life and have it all?

A family AND the career?

Success AND fulfilment?

Money AND holidays?

Great Health AND Well-being?

Or do you think that’s impossible?​

No, seriously, you can have it all! ​


You 'just' need to decide what it is  you want and what's top priority. Remember it's about all the different things you want. Not what others might want from or for you.




So, what’s the most important thing you’d like to have in life?




Do you think that when you ‘have money’, you’ll finally make time for all the other things you’d like to have in your life? Or do you think that money comes with success at work? So, when you’re successful at work you’ll be able to achieve more and get all the necessary resources to bring about change? Or you’ll be heard more, listened to by other people in the company – and this will bring you fulfilment?


But can I ask you a question? How has ‘having money’ worked for you so far?


Or are you putting your life on hold because you believe you can’t make anything happen until you get that promotion at work? A win on the lottery? Or something else? So, you’re going to sit around and wait until it happens before making an impact on the world? Living the life you want? One that brings you fulfilment?

Gaining clarity around what you believe is worth fighting for.

As is finding your purpose, feeling fulfilled in your job AND having money in the bank. Believing in yourself so you can have an amazing career and loving relationships.



Your bespoke coaching programme launches with a 90-minute intro session where we'll identify the areas of your life you’d like to transform and decide the time (and money) you are willing and able to put into your personal growth and development.


Here are some of the things you can expect to experience in your tailor-made programme: 

  • 90-minute intro session.

  • One full day together to set milestones and goals for your journey. 

  • Half-day sessions at intervals. 

  • 90-minute face-to-face sessions.

  • Stand-by days - for Claudia to be available to talk to you on dates that matter more.

  • Access to all of Spell your Life's membership materials, including weekly virtual coaching sessions. 


I believe there’s still a chance for humanity; a turning point is coming when each and every one of us will have to decide to either live a hollow and fearful life or step into their biggest and most fulfilling adventure.

I want to see amazing things happening, gratitude for what we have; and ownership of our life and choices. A world where people are connected with their soul, with their relationships and the environment.

We’ve spent so long looking at technology as the solution to everything that we have forgotten how to make meaningful connections and how to be ‘us’.

It all starts from within.


From you.


And the more of us discover their place in the universe, realise that we can live a balanced life, enjoy true and trusting connections and live the wisdom of our life’s purpose – then there's hope for the world.


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