A simple click will save you … NOTHING!

Why it’s time to stop getting excited about mass-market headlines and the notion of 60-second fixes to your data needs.
Through mobile and wearable technologies, the world has found a new trend to jump on: personalization. Everyone wants everything to be customized to their specific needs at exactly the moment of enquiry. If one has to wait even for buffering time, the product is already perceived as outdated and not fit for today’s demands. Hence, […]

Why we can’t solve other peoples’ problems

People never learn anything by being told - they have to find out for themselves
Let’s be honest: we love other peoples’ problems! We feel our advice (if adhered to) will certainly be of use and bring a favorable outcome of the situation. But most important of all: it gives us a chance to escape from our own problems and worries. But what happens when we’re at the receiving end? […]