Corporate Identity

A range of Interactive workshops - in-person or online - tailored to your exact requirements and needs.
Service Description

You, and your team, have achieved beyond your expectations and cannot keep up with demand. You’re moving into the next phase: from DIY to a corporation. And you realise that there’s no clear vision; no progression plan and strategy. The team is eager, but everyone is doing what they deem to be best (whether it truly aligns with your thoughts for the company or not). It’s time to create your Corporate Identity and increase employee loyalty and motivation even further.

  • Your vision and mission – to ensure all partners of the executive team have the same understanding and can communicate the vision and mission in their specific markets and their own languages.
  • Your corporate culture – to enable easier processes for the hiring of new team members and clear guidance on your company’s long-term trajectory.
  • Your value proposition – to confirm understanding of the unique selling points and niche market that’s representative of your ideal client.
  • Your brand reputation and management – to create a consistent social media strategy, based on your needs (i.e. brand building, reputation, thought leadership, lead generation) so people can identify quickly and easily who you are.
  • Fully-designed brochure with ‘at a glance’ pages for all sessions and their outcomes to serve as reminder and starting point for the journey ahead. It also serves to keep your vision and mission alive and living for the long-term.