Team Integration

Private and confidential coaching for each member of the team to provide reassurance during on-boarding.
Service Description

Let us help you to continue to lead by example! You’ve written the job description, you’ve done the interviews. You’ve extended an offer to the best candidate – and they said “yes”. It’s an exciting time when someone starts a new role! They’re striving to make a good impression and get along with the team. Yet, it’s also often a time when the new hire is confronted with an emotional rollercoaster ride powered by their hopes and fears:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Will they like me?
  • Will I fit in?
  • Have I oversold myself? Or sold myself short?
  • Are there career development options for the long run?

And it’s not just the new employee who is torn between excitement and anxiety. You and your existing team, too, have hopes and fears:

  • Will the new employee fit it?
  • Is our company mission and vision clear?
  • Do we offer enough career progression and interesting projects for the long-term?
  • Will the new person be better than me?
  • Will they claim my work as their own?
  • How can I show support without being taken for granted in future?

This is a great place to be in – and we’d like to propose a new approach to maintaining a motivated team: designing the perfect work-life balance for you and your company. Especially as you grow your team further.