Clean Up Your Itinerary

Why you need to create space in your travel itinerary

Do you know of Marie Kondo? She’s a Japanese declutter expert and professional cleaner. Her book, The life-changing Magic of Tidying, has sold over 3 million copies. How does that relate to your business travel itinerary? I’m coming to that in a moment!

When you start a journey

Any journey that is - you need to have a destination in mind. This doesn’t have to be a physical place, the destination could also be a feeling you want to achieve.

Sticking for a minute on the topic of tidying; even there Marie Kondo advises the reader to set out a goal, a destination, of how you want your house to look after it is tidy. What lifestyle are you after? What feelings do you hope to achieve from your space?

If you can’t see what you want or where you want to go with it - you won’t get there.

If you just randomly tidy up the house you’ll have to work on it every day. The chore is tedious and it’s likely you will start judging yourself.

I know I do. Constantly berating how lazy I am when it comes to tidying up, not keeping things in the right place, often not having a right place for things. And having far too much clutter - not enough space to think and enjoy.

And that’s where this relates to business travel itineraries.

We’re all guilty of planning too much, packing too many things into what’s often very limited time.

Have you ever come back from a conference and sent out messages ‘so sorry I didn’t manage to see you’? I know I have! On more than one occasion.

Keep it clear - and keep it clean

Here are three things I’d love you to try for your next business trip (okay, we don’t know when that’ll be, but it WILL happen someday!):

  1. Set out your purpose and intent for the trip

  2. Plan time to process information so you can focus on each meeting

  3. Prepare for last-minute changes

This benefits your mental well-being!

You might think this is just airy-fairy. BUT how often was your meeting interrupted by the other person saying ‘oh I just have this idea that I need to share with XX - bear with me a second’. And how often have you disrupted a meeting with something similar?

Whether it’s an idea, a follow-up, something urgent - it’s disrupting the flow of the meeting and the conversation. At that point we forget what the other person (or yourself) talked about prior and you launch into the next thing. You might get to where you started out, but at a loss of time, productivity and focus.

Being mindful of your intention, purpose and with time to process information in between you help your mind cope with everything that’s happening around you.

If this hits home for you, check out my video session on the Itinerary Clean Up - and be sure there’ll be follow-up on how to manage last minute agenda changes, too!

Be clear. Do your magic.

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