The Spider in my Bed

I don’t particularly like spiders. You could say, and wouldn’t be far from the truth, that I jumped and my heart was pounding as if I had to run for my life when I saw this beauty run off my duvet at high speed. Yet, in all my shame, I have to admit that it was the spider that died in our brief encounter.

This happened last night, but the thought of having a spider in my bed has been with me for quite a few weeks. A fear based thought, which just in its raw state sent shivers down my spine. It’s this emotional, physical bodily reaction that made ‘spider in bed’ the most important thought to be manifested into reality as a matter of priority.

Why are you reading this? Because you’ve had spiders in your bed, owls flying overhead, badly behaved dogs (or children) in exactly the wrong moment, and I’m sure many, many other situations come to mind when you thought: ‘why me?’, ‘Why is it always me?’, ‘Why do I have to pay the price for this?’, and similar questions.

You could say this is ‘just life’ and happens to everyone (and you’d be right), but it doesn’t have to be that way: it’s your #mind that controls your #thoughts, reactions and also the outcome of a situation.

Another story: you’ve been nominated for an award and, on the night, you actually win. You get up to shake hands and say a few words, and your immediate thought is ‘don’t stumble on the way up, you’re always so embarrassing’ – if you don’t think anything else, anything positive that is (like how amazing it is that you won), chances are very high you will be falling flat on your face in the spotlight.

This is our fear-based approach to life: trying to prevent bad things from happening by thinking about how we NOT want them to happen. That’s the problem: the recipient (call it the Universe, God, Gaia – or however else you are comfortable addressing divine power) doesn’t understand negation. It’s as if you’re not even thinking the not. And so we believe that the stars are against us, that life is beyond our control and all we can do is give into the situation. We even often go so far as to blame the situation, our upbringing, circumstances (often money-related) for our unfortunate plight. Thereby denying that we are ourselves responsible and, indeed, in control of our own #destiny.

Using thoughts, illustrations, visualizations, make-belief plays, art and expression, we have the #power to live the life of our dreams. And it’s simple: we just have to think it up and it’ll be delivered. On a silver platter if you care for that sort of thing. That simple? Yes, that simple, but therein lies also the biggest difficulty: making thoughts conscious, choosing positive thoughts that are aligned with our soul and breaking the rut of fear-induced panic paralysis in the face of challenges. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

I’ve been trying to manifest a positive life for the past three years, mostly guided by the amazing Mike Dooley (author of Infinite Possibilities, creator of Messages from the Universe, and manifesting genius to name a few). I’ve seen successes beyond my wildest dreams (like dropping from a 31 waist to a 28, living in the #Cotswold with my dogs, and enjoying a proper life/work balance).

So how to go about having a spider-free house? How do you refocus your mind to see the positive? How do you attract your dream life? How do you find out what that dream actually looks like?

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