Trees Do Talk - and Here's What We can Learn From Them

Looking at nature during this time of year is a wonderful reminder that it’s best to stick to our own time – rather than follow others.

Spring is nearly here! With some sunshine and warmer temperatures, the trees are starting to put on their elaborate clothing shed during the winter months. Looking around, you can see how the world is colouring in: not only different hues of green, but trees are also showing yellows, reds, purples, teals and blues. It’s wonderful and inspiring to witness: this silent change and preparation for the summer ahead.

The trees are growing in their own time. They’re not looking at other trees around them thinking ‘I need to grow faster’ or ‘I’m so far behind’. If you think trees aren’t talking at all, you might want to reconsider by watching this TED talk (Suzanne Simard’s 30 years of research has proven there’s two-way communication happening, as well as nurturing of seedlings). So yes, trees talk. They support each other, sharing nutrients, messages and warnings. They make space for each other to grow into the tree they’re meant to be. Some have a calling to become Mother Trees: they have the most connections to others around them and pass on their wisdom.

Trees might have an intranet, but they don’t have the constant stream of distractions that we have to deal with on a daily basis. But trees do serve as a reminder of the importance to take time: time for our personal needs, time to recognize and set our boundaries, and time to find fulfilment in our lives.

Time for our personal needs

It might sound selfish, but it’s actually a healthy practice: taking time to listen to your gut feeling; taking time to understand your needs; and then taking time to fulfil those needs to the best of your abilities.

Time to recognize (and set) our boundaries

This might sound like a no-brainer for some, but many of us are overexerting ourselves to please others without regards for our own health and safety. Recognizing our boundaries and then working towards setting them, claiming responsibility for our life in the process, is very important to live a happy life.

Time to find fulfilment

It might be your profession, job, parenting – whatever it is: you have a calling and the talents you need to fulfil it. It’s good to know what that calling is and work towards it, rather than throwing talents away to follow a supposedly safer (and possibly more boring) route in life.

From personal experience, let me tell you: there’s joy in finding your purpose! Yes, there’s also work, anxiety and stress as you put yourself ‘out there’; but you know you’ve found it when you’re balanced in the face of obstacles, motivated by this passion, and enjoying the journey of discovery on how to best make this calling your legacy.

It’s not going to happen immediately. You might have to wait years, polishing up skills, learning new things, talking to people. It takes time to develop your best self. It takes trial and error to make your dreams come true.

But when you follow your heart, soul and gut, you know that you’re safe because you’re being nurtured by the Mother Tree.

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