When you vent about traveling for work your friends just roll their eyes out loud... 

Let's face it: from the outside it looks like you have it all. The Career. The Money. The Lifestyle. 

But all you can see are the long nights, missing out on social stuff - and the red-eye flights.

Hi, I'm Claudia Unger,

I left my last corporate role more than four years ago to seek those elusive greener pastures. 

I was exhausted.


At that time traveling was a chore, and to stay home longer I made some pretty bad choices: red-eye flights, 26 hour trips, and lots of nighttime driving. 

Part of the problem was travel policy: cheapest everything, from flight to hotel. And guess what? Indirect flights are cheaper than direct ones - and so I was often routed from the east coast via Houston or Salt Lake City to fly back to London, U.K.


More time lost on those marathon flights meant exhausting car journeys - with lots of coffee to keep going. 

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"You can see why your friends are jealous: through the conference center windows at least..."

Being introverted doesn't help


When you get to know me, the last thing you'd think is that I'm introverted. I love being on stage and enjoy meeting people. 

But it takes a lot of energy for me to do those things, and to recharge I need to be on my own.


Over the years, I've built a repertoire of things I can do when I'm out: from knowing how long I'll be there to taking the long walk around the building between meetings. 


"I'd escape to the restroom to get just 5 minutes to myself" 

And then I found the grass was greener on the other side 


Okay, not from one day to the next, or from one job to becoming an entrepreneur. No, what I discovered was my perfect work-life balance. 

My daily routine changed over time as I explored what I need and want from life. Today, there's a lot more focus on nature and going for walks - than on another shopping trip.

When your focus shifts and you make time for your life, you find that you can have an amazing career as well. 

"My dogs get me out

3 times a day,  boosting my body, mind and soul

- come rain or shine." 

Keeping a finger on the pulse  


It's important to me to know what's going on in the travel industry, especially in business travel. Discovering new technology, understanding traveler needs and sharing my experiences have been part of my career for nearly two decades. 

That's why I sometimes take on projects for Phocuswright Inc. - leading research in travel. I'm involved with the LeadHER campaign to help more women up the career ladder in travel. 

A lot of my media and stage exposure comes from my research work. Testimonials are great to have (and you'll see a few here) - I'm thrilled if you'd give me one! 


But if you're anxious about someone finding out you're unhappy at work, I'd rather skip the testimonial and help you achieve work-life balance that's perfect for you! 

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"The 'glamour' of business travel can be summed up by your epic knowledge of airport shortcuts"

Work-Life Balance for You

If the Covid-19 crisis has shown us one thing, it's that working from home works! Not that we needed any convincing, right? 

So, how can you keep some of the time you've been able to make for yourself when things go back to the new normal? Make a plan now of what you want, so you don't get caught out by the someone else's agenda. 

Let's be certain you make yourself the number one priority in your life. 

Are you ready? Click here. 

Much love,

"Claudia is very experienced and her coaching has made a huge difference."

Claire Mustoe, Finance Manager

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Cotsworld, United Kingdom

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